Our Story

Hi there, welcome to Handzies!  I'm glad you stopped by to learn a little more about our product and our company.  I hope you find all the information you need but if you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!  


Karen Trenk

It sounds pretty cliche but necessity was the motherhood invention in our case.  I was a busy mom that had kids that were past baby stage and while I was no longer carrying around baby gear, I still had a constant need for some kind of wipe to clean things up while we were on the go.  Kids had dirty hands but needed to eat a snack in the car, I just finished sweaty workout and didn't have time for a shower before running errands, port-o-potties at soccer games were out of any kind of hand cleaner, field trips, picnics...you know the list!  I hated the alcohol-based wipes, they were so harsh on the skin and you couldn't use them on anything other than your hands and the kids hated the "doctor's office" smell of them.  Baby wipes were out of the question as no one wanted to get caught using "baby stuff" anymore and I didn't like the sticky film I felt like they left on me. So I decided to start making something on my own with ingredients I knew would work for any scenario we had in our busy lives.    

After much trial and error, I came up with my own soap and water based wipes using pure Castile (olive oil based) soap, water and essential oils. Soon, friends and family members found out what I was doing and were forever asking me for “one of those wipes”. They were putting them in kids lunch boxes, using them to take on trips, on the golf course, after a sweaty workout, at the beach and dozens of other scenarios I had never considered. I realized that I wasn't the only one that needed a safe, simple natural way to get cleaned up on the go! Now Handzies are produced in a commercial wipes facility in California and packaged in handy little packets so everyone can get squeaky clean anytime, anywhere!

Our Mission

  • Provide a safe, simple way to get clean anytime, anywhere.
  • Keep our ingredients as “clean” as possible (no alcohol or other chemicals that could be harmful).
  • Create raving fans out of our customers. We want you to love the product and doing business with us.